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Mark F.

Outstanding! I highly recommend Lyght Detective Agency. They will perform beyond your expectations guaranteed.

Craig F.

Response time was quick, very easy to work with and delivered on all what was stated of his duties

Sep 30, 2017               Verified 

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Thumbtack Customer


Robert Crotty is unbelievable!  I called him with an extremely urgent time sensitive need to have my ex-wife served with notice to go to court for modification of child custody.  This was important because I needed my ex-wife to be served in Illinois for a case hearing in Texas where I live.  The anxiety level on my part was high because I was running out of time to find her which is impossible to say the least with me living in Texas and her hiding out in Illinois.  I had spent the week prior working with another PI firm that could not seem to track my ex down to serve her with notice for the court hearing.  Growing worried and frustrated I decided to hire someone else to get the job done.  Enter Mr. Crotty.  Our initial conversation was pleasant and gave me a gut feeling he would be able to get the job done.  He wasn't pressuring or trying to overstate his abilities.  In fact it was more of a casual conversation.  Mr. Crotty even took the time, well over 30 minutes, to advise me on things I needed to consider for laying my case out before the court.  He didn't have to spend his time doing that because it had nothing to do with getting my ex-wife served with court papers.  I digressed.  After our conversation I decided to hire him.  He instructed me to email him the necessary paperwork and any additional information that may assist him in tracking my ex-wife down.  Let me tell you about how committed he is to getting the job done.  He was upfront with me and told me he had a funeral to go to and would get right on the case after he went to the funeral.  Well, within 3 hours of getting off the phone with him Mr. Crotty was sending me pictures of address's that I said my ex could possibly be at.  Long story short it took Mr. Crotty 12 hours to find my ex-wife and properly serve her with court notice paperwork.  That was unbelievable and blew me away.  Again, I had previously hired someone else to do the job and after a week they couldn't seem to find her to serve her with proper notice for a court hearing.  Mr. Crotty was reasonable with his pricing and I honestly feel like I twice as much value out of the work he did for me relative to what he charged me.  You can't go wrong hiring him.  Also, I am active duty military and he is a veteran himself.  Being able to relate to each other on that level gave me even more comfort and confidence that some of his valuable previous military training would kick in and be an additional asset.

Aug 12, 2017 

Ashley L.

Currently working with Robert and he's a great P.I. He's great and on top of things always!

Craig Fullerton and Pamela Fullerton

Response time was quick, very easy to work with and delivered on all what was stated of his duties

Mark C.

Robert was absolutely outstanding. He not only immediately responded to me, he completed the assignment by later the same day!. I have been practicing law for 30 years and rarely have I seen this level of exceptional professionalism, MC